#Tech4Good Fellows are helping NGOs use technology effortlessly & confidently to achieve their goals!

Capacity building program for IT staff from NGOs in India.



Host: IIT Madras

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Host: Bethany Society

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Host: Oxfam

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Host: KIIT

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Host: Google

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Batch 1

2018 Batch

Host: Google, #Tech4Good

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Batch 1

2019 Batch

Host: Google, #Tech4Good

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By #Tech4Good Helpdesk

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By 2020: Build 300+ #Tech4Good Fellows helping non profits across India use technology effortlessly & confidently.

Non Profits can use technology to simplify their day to day Operations like financial compliance, communications, donor management, reporting, project management, etc. Technology can help them build strong Data & MIS systems to manage beneficiaries, digital innovations to reach more people, GIS tools, fundraising, campaigning, etc. Though there are high quality, FREE, open source and discounted technologies available to them - they are unable to bridge this technology gap due to lack of internal capacity.

Bridging the Gap: IT staff working in NGOs are highly motivated but under-utilized with no capacity building and peer networking opportunities. Let's change that!

#Tech4Good builds capacity of IT staff by skilling, netwoking, coaching and last mile support.

  • 1. Selection, Capacity Building of Fellows

    Tech4Good Fellows are staff working in ngos across India. After a rigorous selection process - they are skilling begins with trainings in carefully curated courseware from our master trainers. Fellows can access up to USD 150K/year worth of free and discounted software during this phase.

  • 2. Coaching and Networking

    Fellows are connected with Tech4Good Coaches to help them understand what is happening outside in the ever changing technology landscape, set goals for themselves and guide, motivate them to reach those goals. They connect with other Tech4Good Fellows and becoming part of the community.

  • 3. Amplify and help others with Local chapters

    Fellows are encouraged to lead or support Local #Tech4Good Chapters with support from us. Chapters are hubs for technology capacity building of ngos in a region. In 2018 local chapters generated 125 Pledges (Eg: I will build a website for my organisation with online payment integration) from 110 participants from 90 NGOs in 5 cities. 2019 will mark the launch our weekly online training modules.

  • 4. Helpdesk for hand holding to impact

    We understand that challenges happen not in trainings but on the field. Our Helpdesk Platform powered by Fellows, Coaches, Trainers and our own staff provides last mile support that helps completion of Tech4Good pledges into Actions for their mission. (Eg: Website online with a fully functioning online payment integration). It is these actions that count as Impact for us.



Our team for 2019



Earth Outreach

Empowers you to create positive change for people and the planet with Geo tools.   Learn more


Chris Worman

Program Advisor

VP of Alliances and Program Development at TechSoup.


Sanjay Podder

Program Advisor

MD - Accenture Labs (India)
2017 Eisenhower Fellow



Tinkering with Code

Tinkerer at #Tech4Good Labs


Girish Rowjee

HR & Payroll Software

CEO, Greytip Software


ET Marlabs

Chandan DM


Head Presales & Consulting, ET Marlabs


Swapneel R

Change Management

Teach for India Fellow

Devaja Shah

Devaja Shah

Google Earth Outreach, ODK

Google India


Sucharita V Reddy


Cisco Bengaluru


Rinju Rajan

#Tech4Good Fellows

#Tech4Good Fellows
IIT Madras Alumnus

Anusha Meher Bhargava


Impact, Branding

#Tech4Good Fellows



#Tech4Good Coaches

#Tech4Good Fellows




#Tech4Good Fellows

Santosh Lourdraj

Santhosh Lourdraj


#Tech4Good Fellows



Unique course designed with focus on development sector needs


Communications, Marketing, Donors

  • Optimise Website
  • Online Donations setup
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donor Management
  • Supporter Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

You'll be able to help your Communications and Fundraising teams with tools and platforms that will help them immensely .


Data and MIS Tools

  • Understanding Data lifecycle
  • Data Collection
  • Data Aggregation
  • Analysis and Vizualization
  • Understanding GIS and Maps
  • Measuring Impact

You'll understand how data works and how to leverage data to make programmes better and measurable


Learning and building tools for impact

  • What is innovation?
  • Tech for social change
  • Societal Platforms
  • Solving problems with tech
  • Emerging Future

How can you use technology to scale the wonderful work that your organization is doing?


Day to Day Ops
at Office

  • Email, Communications, Privacy, Security
  • Payroll, HR Management
  • Accounting
  • Expense Management
  • Team Communications
  • Data Backup and IT Admin

You'll have a strong understanding of how technology and tools can help in making day to day office operations better and efficient.

Quotes from the community about #Tech4Good

"Great Approach! Using idle capacity of technology talent for meaningful work. And they learn life skills too!
Sanjay Purohit, Founder @ ScaleChange Network



Access upto $150,000/Year worth of goodies for your Organization! Check out the completep\Product Handbook

Note: Amount above estimated based on organization with around 50 staff

Network and Skills

  • Local Chapters
  • Knowledge Base
  • Peer Network
  • Coaching
  • Helpdesk Whatsapp Support

You'll have access to rich learning content created by Fellows for Fellows, Access to all Tech4Good Fellows and Coaches. You will be networked with various software vendors, support staff for ongoing support.

Some FREE/Discounted Products for Non Profits!

We have carefully handpicked FREE/discounted tools above and more for your non profit mission! All Fellows will be trained to understand and implement tools above. Savings has been estimated for 50 staff but donations are free upto 100+ staff members

Solutions Showcase

Introducing you to some great products for your mission. As Tech4Good Fellows - you will have direct access to their teams for implementation and support

Supported By

We need sponsors to help us cover Fellow's travel, boarding costs and venue infrastructire. To Sponsor Please get in touch!


Software Donors

Thanks to amazing Technology Companies who are providing FREE and Discounted prices



If you have any other questions just get in touch!

Do I need a laptop?

Yes, you’ll need to bring a laptop with you. Ideally, you should feel comfortable using this computer for daily tasks.

Do I need to know how to code or use servers, etc?

No, we’ll start from basic level. We recommend tools that are easy to deploy and maintain. If you already have some knowledge, you’ll still learn a lot!

Why only for ICT Staff and not leaders?

They are highly motivated but under utilised with very few capacity building opportunities. Let’s change that!

Will Coaches and helpdesk implement solutions for me?

No. Coaches and helpdesk are in place to help you guide through ideas, support you when you face problems while implementing those ideas and be a brainstorming friend. We encourage you to learn, try out the solutions yourself. This is the best way to build your capacity and set you in motion on a lifelong journey of learning.

Do I need to speak and understand English?

Yes it helps, all classes will be in Basic English. Some trainers are also fluent in Hindi and will help you on a case to case basis if required. In our local chapters - we are seeing more and more interactions in local language as well!

Will I get a monthly Fellowship stipend?

No, our fellowship programme covers Fellow's capacity building, peer networking and mentoring only.

Do I need to come to all classroom sessions and online trainings?

Yes we encourage that. This helps you get a solid fundamental knowledge and spend time with your peers, mentors and trainers.

Can I mention #Tech4Good Fellowship on my CV?

Yes. If needed we can also issue a formal letter or certificate may also be issued based on your contribution to the tech4good community.


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